Friday, June 24, 2016

#SuperMomVoxBox by Inflenster

I am a member of Influester and it is so cool. They send me different items (some sample size, some full size) in the mail if I qualify and then I can post about it in social media. This was probably one of my favorite boxes I've received so far. I qualified for the super mom box and it was filled some really cool things.

  • My favorite thing in this box was 2 pilot acroball pens. I had never used this brand but it wrote so smoothly. And I was glad to get more pens because they are always dissapearing... my guess the couch eats them.
  • I got a 22 oz bottle of dish soap (palmolive). What mom doesn't do dishes? this was handy because I was about out when I got it so now I don't have to go buy more. 
  • Plackers Flossers - I put them in the car to have on hand if needed
  • Suave kids 3 in 1 wash. (full size bottle) I am picky with smells and this one didn't bother me
  • Secret Outlast xtend deodorant - I liked it and but it in my travel bag. It was a sample size so it will take up less room next time we go somewhere
  • Daisy sour cream squeezable - I got a coupon for a free one. 
  • Goody slide proof spike soft touch hair elastics - I got 8 of them and they work well. I would prefer the normal ones though. I don't need the slide proof.
  • I also got a $2.50 off a goody brush
  • 3 oz Suave Moroccan infusion - I haven't used this because I'm not really sure what to do with it but its supposed to give my hair a shine.
  • And a cute card from a brand I don't remember.

  I really liked this box and would get most of the items in it again. I love that I can try before I buy!

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