Friday, June 24, 2016

#SuperMomVoxBox by Inflenster

I am a member of Influester and it is so cool. They send me different items (some sample size, some full size) in the mail if I qualify and then I can post about it in social media. This was probably one of my favorite boxes I've received so far. I qualified for the super mom box and it was filled some really cool things.

  • My favorite thing in this box was 2 pilot acroball pens. I had never used this brand but it wrote so smoothly. And I was glad to get more pens because they are always dissapearing... my guess the couch eats them.
  • I got a 22 oz bottle of dish soap (palmolive). What mom doesn't do dishes? this was handy because I was about out when I got it so now I don't have to go buy more. 
  • Plackers Flossers - I put them in the car to have on hand if needed
  • Suave kids 3 in 1 wash. (full size bottle) I am picky with smells and this one didn't bother me
  • Secret Outlast xtend deodorant - I liked it and but it in my travel bag. It was a sample size so it will take up less room next time we go somewhere
  • Daisy sour cream squeezable - I got a coupon for a free one. 
  • Goody slide proof spike soft touch hair elastics - I got 8 of them and they work well. I would prefer the normal ones though. I don't need the slide proof.
  • I also got a $2.50 off a goody brush
  • 3 oz Suave Moroccan infusion - I haven't used this because I'm not really sure what to do with it but its supposed to give my hair a shine.
  • And a cute card from a brand I don't remember.

  I really liked this box and would get most of the items in it again. I love that I can try before I buy!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Washer Problems

I never realized how much I loved my washer until I didn't have it for almost a week. Last Saturday I through in a load of towels. I went to go change it to the dryer and the washer didn't drain. We got on google and looked up how to drain the washer. Then I called my mom and she said the same thing. The first problem was the washer was too heavy because it was full of water. After a bunch of a half an inch her and a half an inch there Andrew was able to get behind it. Well we did what they said and nothing happened... ok about 10 drops of water came out the hose. Of course it was after hours to have someone come and look at it. Andrew unplugged it and plugged it back in and he got it to drain. He messed with it and it made a super weird sound. We decided not to use it until someone came and looked at it to make sure it wouldn't have the same problem again. First thing Monday morning I called and left messaged with 4 different companies to come take a look at it. On Wednesday still no one had called me back. I called 2 different places. On Thursday morning I called one last place and Bob called me back about 30 minutes later and said he could come take a look right now... the only problem, I wasn't home. He ended up coming that afternoon and found Owens sock in the pump. I guess it happens all the time. I'm glad it was an easy fix and that he didn't have to order any parts leaving me without a washer for even longer.
The Culprit! It has seen better days and went straight in the trash.

Weighted Blanket

My aunt was telling me how she made me cousin a weighted blanket (I think he's 6) and how it has helped him sleep better and help calm him down. They often use weighted blankets to help calm autistic kids down because it helps their sensory overload and kind of shuts it down. Well Owen isn't a good sleeper and is a busy body so I thought I'd try to make one and that it could help him calm down before bed.

I got 3/4 of a yard of a cotton fabric and a fleece. I even let Owen pick out his fleece. I also got 2 lbs of rice. My aunt said to use 10% to 15% of their body weight. Owen almost weights 20 pounds so that was easy enough math. This only took me about a hour but as you know, sewing isn't my strong suit. I'm sure my mom could do it in half the time it took me.

This is the fleece Owen picked out

I measured out 16 different rectangles so the weight would be evenly distributed.

Then I sewed down length wise. I filled each column with a little more than 1/4 cup of rice. 
My aunt used poly beads but 1. walmart didn't have them and 2. they were more expensive.
Then I sewed the row shut. I did that 3 more times. 

This is the finished insert. 

Then I cut the fleece just a little bit bigger than the insert and made a folded over top so that way I can take it off and wash it. 

It really wasn't too bad. Maybe I kind of like sewing... 
or this was easy enough I couldn't mess it up

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Owen Cheesin It Up

Owen has gotten pretty good at smiling for the camera. Here are some extra cute pictures.

Playing Catch Up

This is likely to be picture overload but Owen is in most of them so that makes it ok!

Last minute we decided to go to Nevada for Thanksgiving. We told my mom but surprised everyone else. It was fun to see everyone and play games and eat lots and lots of food.

Owen loves to climb. 

We didn't think Owen could get the lid off the glitter. We were wrong and he tried to eat it. 

Christmas Crafts

Its hard to keep Owen out of things

I chopped off 10 inches and added some low lights


Owen got a car seat for Christmas. This helped (for the most part) with the 38 hours in the car with all of our holiday traveling. 

We went to Nevada for Christmas. 

Owen got a wiggle wagon for Christmas. I think everyone else liked it more than he did. 
He'll grow into and love it!

Took family photos

Then we went to California for New Years. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures. We went to the zoo and visited friends and family. One day we will be closer and can visit more often.

Went to the Utah Stanford game in stanford,

Owen loved his new car seat. It took some getting used to but he got used to it pretty quick. 
Give his some Cheetos and he's good to go.

Davis came back with us and spent a few days. He even put him to sleep one morning while babysitting.

We took him to the airport and went to a Jazz game. We sat in a suite and Andrew was in HEAVEN!

Giving Nucks

Sunday, November 8, 2015


I'm a little worried about this winter because Owen loves to be outside and I'm not sure what we will do when its icy and 5 degrees outside. But on Wednesday it was 30 degrees and so we took Owen outside. It had rain/snowed earlier in the day but he didn't care that the rocks were wet. He had a lot of fun playing in the rocks and wandering around the sidewalk. After 15 minutes we brought him inside because we were too cold. Go ahead and call us babies. He then screamed at the door but luckily we were able to distract him and we played with blocks.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

An Afternoon with Owen

Owen likes to have my phone in the camera mode. He will make funny faces and sometimes take 80 selfies. Here are a few and I even joined in a few!